In response to my unauthorized commercial, the good people at Lifeway® Kefir sent me two giant boxes of free stuff today: t-shirts, a hat, a soft-sided insulated cooler bag, a fanny pack and an entire case of delicious/nutritious Lifeway® Kefir cultured milk smoothies.  

MORE GOOD NEWS: I’m about to head to SXSW where I will continue my quest for Olympic GOLD with The Chris Gethard Show Tuesday night (10:30pm at the IFC Crossroads House)… and I just learned that Lifeway® Kefir is ALSO at SXSW! Surely this is no coincidence.

If you are in Austin next week and you see me in my Olympic uniform, feel free to say hello and talk to me about either the Olympics or Lifeway® Kefir products!

Olympically Yours,

Future GOLD Medal Winner & Unofficial Lifeway® Kefir Spokesperson Connor Ratliff

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    I genuinely would love that tshirt.
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    Connor Ratliff is my favorite.
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