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I wish I could be as optimistic about anything as Connor Ratliff is about everything

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Splitsider includes Obama/Galifinakis, Ratliff/Gentile interviews in its Top 5 Web Videos Of The Week



A big week for fake Comedy interviews! Very proud to have ours included on a list with POTUS.

I just watched this and it is astonishing and inspiring.


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An interview with Rob Malone, director of the “Ratliff 2016 GOLD Olympic Interview Special with Sal Gentile”

Interview by Connor Ratliff

CR: This is billed as an ” interview special” but it seems to be a new kind of hybrid: part documentary, part infomercial. Sal Gentile is an actual journalist, but seems to have had no editorial control. Is this the future of “branded content” in the new media landscape?

RM: I think that the “part documentary, part infomercial” hybrid is actually one of the oldest hybrids in the film/video/audio/visual tradition. Projects as diverse as Nanook of the North, Triumph of the Will, and Beyonce’s Life is But a Dream could probably all be classified as both documentaries and infomercials. I’ve only seen Nanook of the the North in it’s entirety, but I’ve heard a lot about the others. I think it’s exciting that Sal Gentile, who is an actual journalist, had absolutely no editorial input in this special. I see the “Ratliff 2016 GOLD Olympic Interview Special with Sal Gentile” as an ongoing project. With the ability to release virtually* anything online, if you have access to the footage you have access to shaping the story in your own image.

I take inspiration from Connor Ratliff. You can achieve anything. If you believe it, you can dream it. I’ll be personally disappointed if other artists don’t take this special and re-edit or re-mix this content. Re-creating the image of my brand with their own brand which was built on top of the “Ratliff 2016 Gold” Brand. Content is alive. But only if you let it live. Get it? This interview special was special, because for once, neither the interviewer or the interviewee were burdened with the constraints of constructing a story and a structure out of a free-wheeling and free-flowing, but also hard-hitting and deep-cutting conversation.

CR: This has been compared to “The Thin Blue Line” and the recent documentary “Mitt.” What do you think of those comparisons, and what actual influences would you cite for this film?

RM: Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012 and lost. Connor Ratliff ran for president in 2012 and lost. Mitt premiered at Sundance, 2014. I attended Slamdance, 2014. The @Ratliff2016GOLD Olympic Interview with Actual Journalist Sal Gentile premiered during SxSw 2014. These are all facts. I think you’ll discover more and more comparisons as you discover the facts. Errol Morris is a big inspiration. I wouldn’t say that the style of The Thin Blue Line was an influence, stylistically, but I would say that one of my goals with the editing was to reveal truths that neither the interviewer or the interviewee were aware of.

CR: Describe this special in 5 words.

Truth. Naturally & Artificially Flavored.





Gethard gets made into a HUMAN ICE CREAM SUNDAE, the FRONT BOTTOMS are our guest house band, and all your favorite characters, and some of your MOST HATED ONES will be in attendance.

You do NOT need a badge for tonight’s show. Badge holders will be let in first and then anyone and everyone is welcome at the show. COME ON DOWN, AUSTIN. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

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"The RATLIFF 2016 GOLD Olympic Interview Special with Sal Gentile"

Directed by ROB MALONE

If you watch only one 2016 Summer Olympics Interview Special this year, please make it this one.


An EXCLUSIVE teaser/trailer for the 2014’s first Major Interview Special.  

Future Olympic GOLD Medal Winner CONNOR RATLIFF sat down for a hard-hitting, no holds barred one-on-one interview with actual journalist SAL GENTILE.

Some are even saying that this will earn Sal a Pulitzer Prize for Best Journalism.

Full-length special coming later this week. Tell your friends!


Teaser clip for my upcoming OLYMPIC INTERVIEW SPECIAL with actual journalist Sal Gentile.

I predict that Sal is going to win a Pulitzer Prize for this interview.

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Will Ferrell is training for the 2018 Winter Olympics… and something tells us he’s gonna win the gold. 

They say you’ve really made it when big time comedians spoof you.  

When Jimmy Fallon announced Will Ferrell as “Future Olympian Will Ferrell” I realized what it must have felt like when Olympians Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding were parodied on SNL or when Greg Louganis was poked fun at on the cover of MAD Magazine.